Sunday, January 17, 2010

To The Death

First, what's up with people not voting on what I call those two rooms? Is it that you secretly know I've already picked the names I like, and are afraid your choices won't match mine? Don't worry about that--if my choice doesn't win, I'll just ignore the results!

I kid.

So today I got up at 7:30 and FINALLY managed to stay awake on a Sunday morning and make it to church.

This was because Dane & Ruth were somewhat depending on me.

Ruth was needing some help getting Dane's wheelchair loaded, and asked if I could come assist, so I did. Yes, it sounds all selfless, but I was actually using it as a way to make sure I made it to church, even if it wasn't at the church where I'm a member...

The first event was a... presentation... discussion... something like that about the death penalty. Here's where I stand, despite what I may have said to any of you right after you'd majorly ticked me off: You don't kill, ever. If you have to kill to save your life or the life of another (in either case, some sort of immediate threat should be involved), there's a little wiggle room... but beyond that, no to the killing.

I don't think that will come as a shock to anyone who knows me.

However, it's so strange to hear this talked about in political terms... and by that I mean terms which are more concerned with achieving the goal of abolishing the death penalty rather than simply stating: Killing bad. Killing for vengeance and calling it "justice" worse (which, when you get down to it, sorta fuels the whole thing, I believe).

I mean, great goal, but strange not to mention the whole "killing bad" thing--or at least mention it so little I don't remember it being mentioned. I realize you gotta do what you gotta do, but it was just so odd...

In other news, Nate from The Wilders sang the solo at church, so that was cool. We had a brief chat before the service, and apparently Ike is headed to the area for a bit, which would be nice if I thought I'd get to see him, but I figure he'll be busy with Ike-ish things to do, and that's how it goes.

Oh, one other tidbit from today--I'm glad some people have a belief system that is very much centered on the End of Days, and I guess I'm a lot less glad this focus has somehow made them sure that it's going to happen soon, say next Thursday around lunch.

Here's a crazy idea... try to get your house in order not because you want to look busy when the boss comes by, but because you need to get your house in order... if house-getting-in-order is your thing... meaning a major part of your belief system.

That is all. Go vote on my poll. Be good to each other. Take only pictures; leave only footprints. Seize the drapes.

ADDENDUM: After an e-mail exchange with Ruth, I thought I'd clarify: The nun who spoke first yesterday at the death penalty thing did start off with asking for quotes about Jesus being anti-violence, and so the whole "killing bad" thing was addressed a bit at the start. I just thought it would go more in-depth from there, and it really didn't. (Meaning I thought she'd address more how the death penalty is really vengeance masked as justice and "protecting society".) I totally get how it is necessary they focus on what will work to get the death penalty repealed, it just seems so odd to me there are people who just don't know "killing bad", and you have to do the political dance to get them to find OTHER reasons why it's bad.

ADDENDUM ADDENDUM: Ruth pointed out to me they probably did some audience analysis--the folks at St. Andrew's probably didn't need to be reminded that killing is bad...

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