Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sometimes I Write Bad Poetry Because I Can...

Someone said the first line of this poem to me today, and I just went from there. Make of it what you will, even if it's just something to line your bird cage with...

January 25, 2010

I walked away from the person who showed me who I am,
And I haven't stopped walking away.
Now I stand at the crossroads of the forgiven and the damned,
And I'm all out of Hell to pay.

Somewhere behind me is the road on which I was meant to travel,
But it's too late to turn back now.
No bread crumbs I've dropped, or sweaters I've unraveled
Can help me get back, anyhow.

So a one-foot-the-other song I very softly croon,
Holding on to its so-simple plan.
Looking back now could only pour salt in that wound,
And I've cried all the salt that I can.

All the salt of the earth for this city of God--forgive me:
I knew not what I did.
Got to take a small step, bleeding heart and weak-kneed,
Movin' on, knowing not who I kid.

Move along, naught to see, get a job, turn the page,
Time has passed for regrets and for sorrow.
Take what wisdom you can--it's your right, now you've aged.
Maybe Heaven awaits us tomorrow.

(c) copywright 2010 Mark Travis Riggs

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