Thursday, January 28, 2010

Note To My 18-Year-Old Self

Dear 18-Year-Old Me,

I went to see some one-acts this evening written by high-school students here in 2010. I hadn't meant to go tonight, but there were some communication errors in texting (see earlier post regarding texting and issues of electronic communication), and it ended up seeming easier to just go tonight instead of next weekend.

While you got to perform plays on a stage in the elementary gymnasium, this place has two--count 'em--two stages in rooms that actually are not also gyms! That's right, I put that "not" in there intentionally! It's crazy! Apparently schools have these things!

Not only that, this school has a drama program. Students write plays, direct them, perform in them. There are students taking drama classes as early as 6th grade here in Kansas City in 2010! I'm so not lying to you, 18-Year-Old Me!

Well, I had more to say, but I just realized that's probably enough culture shock for you right there. Maybe you were born in the wrong place. It's probably something you'll need to talk about with God when you have that "Where does the ineffable plan end and free will begin" conversation.

Next time you're checking out my blog through whatever space-time distortion you use for that sort of thing, check to see if I went on about how 18-Year-Olds haven't changed much since your day. Good times!

Almost-43-Year-Old Me