Sunday, January 31, 2010


O to the M to the G!

So I'm up way too late, and since I've posted something every day this year before going to bed (or earlier), I'm starting to want to make sure I keep that up. It makes no sense, and leads to my writing a lot of crap, and it's no matter because I'm not even sure any of you read this thing regularly--because I do go on so.

Anyway, I had lots on my mind, wasn't sure what to write about (because I didn't want to take too long, as I need to get to bed). First, I thought I'd just reproduce a story from my old website. Turns out I can't find those files. I think they're still on my old computer. This sucks for lots of reason.

Then I thought I'd just dig through my big box of things I've written to find some horrible poem from my youth (which differs greatly from the poetry I write now in that it's written by an older person than that other stuff) to post on here and laugh about.

I found the script for the movie Brad and I were going to do in the gifted program back in 1983 or 1984 or whenever. I didn't put a copyright date on it, but I'm thinking it had to be 1984...
because I'm pretty sure I typed it up on my Apple //c... or maybe I typed it up at school. I don't know. I apparently did not give Brad joint credit on the cover, probably because I did all the writing, but Brad would deserve story credit--I know we brainstormed the general story.

Anyway, I have something to read now. I can't wait to cringe at how bad it is!

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