Monday, February 01, 2010

For Jhoneric: Do I Know You?

JEC used to ask that a lot. It was a fave. When we saw Winona Ryder ask it in the movie Dracula, I thought we were both gonna wet ourselves laughing.

Now I'm getting odd comments and people following my blog... and it's all good, global village, blogopshere, huzzah... but it's just odd to me. I mean, I'm pretty sure most people I know aren't reading this--so if there's not much to interest them here in what has become my daily ramblings...

But to each his or her own, eh?

However, I'm left to wonder a few things:

First, how are they finding this blog? Is there a blogroll somewhere that randomly plops blog entries into people's lives? I know there used to be something like that for photos posted on here. My thought is: if there is, maybe the fact I'm writing more just increases the probability someone will see something I've written and feel the need to comment on it. It's cool and all, but make sure it doesn't look like a spam post, folks, or it's outta here!

Second, how are those spam-esque comments making it on. I have that whole text-recognition-retype thingy turned on (I think). Am I wrong in thinking I've got that on (I just checked, and it appears to be on)? Somebody post a comment and let me know if you had to type the freaky word/sequence of characters, okay?

Whatevs. I'm up late because I was finishing grad school work. Last week's, that is. Tomorrow, I must get this week's up. Luckily there are only two modules for study this week. Last week had three, plus four articles and a slide show presentation. Blurgh.

P.S.: I didn't mean to say "odd people" up there in the second paragraph. I meant "people I don't know". Some of the comments have been odd (spammy), however.


toppogigio said...

I found your blog simply by clicking the "next blog" button after reading others. I think there's an element of random selection going on here... I can't say I surfed in, I just ended up here.

Yeppers, there's that weird word-thingy to type in to post a word is reoulool.

Happy blogging!

EyeRytStuf said...

Thank you, toppogigio!

Robin said...

I can see that toppogigio has already solved the mystery of how people are finding, reading, and commenting on your blogs. I read everything on your main page. I didn't dig into your archived material, but I was tempted. You hooked me with your seventh grade story of laughter and recognizing that football/sports was never going to be your thing. Drama and music were always my thing, too. The reason that I have been surfing all of these blogs is to find people who write sorta like me who could be interested in reading what I write. As it is, I am writing and no one's reading. It feels a lot like rehearsing for a play and having no audience night after night. I am hoping that maybe you'll stop by. I try to write something new every day. And, maybe, just maybe you'll like my stuff enough that you will open up the archives... (me with fingers crossed)

disa said...