Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scene From A Crazy School Day

Yesterday in my seminar class, I had a group of four or five students gathered around my desk while the twenty other students in the class were working at different "stations". The crowd around my desk were having their conference day with me.

The young man directly in front of my desk, whose code name shall be "Ronnie" needed to three-hole-punch something, and I thought he referred to my three-hole-punch as "Dorothy."

I was taken aback, as Mr. Malia called his three-hole-punch "Dorothy" back when I was in high school, and--even though for that very reason I had named my three-hole-punch the same thing--I didn't recall telling my students I'd given it that name, or at least not this year. So I turned back to "Ronnie" and said, "Did you just call my three-hole-punch 'Dorothy'?"

"Ronnie" looked at me as if I had gone insane (or more so), and told me he hadn't. I looked at the other students and asked if anyone else heard someone say "Dorothy". Another student, who we shall call "Jesse", said, "I thought I heard him say 'Dorothy,' too."

So I turned back and said, "Did you call it 'Dorothy?' Have I told you guys that's the name I gave it?"

At which point "Jesse" said, "Now's the point where the screen goes black and "LOST" appears on the screen..."


Purple Cow said...

Usually its the students that drive the teacher nuts, but in your case I think it may be the other way round...

PS. If you're not blogging, then what exactly is it that you are doing ya dunderhead?

Anonymous said...

This is not a comment. you just look like the kind of guy who might like this.

Robin said...

That is totally awesome. I love LOST.

EyeRytStuf said...


A gazillion years ago, I wanted to post a comment on The Wilders' blog. I thought I had to register to do so. Once I started the process, it kept asking me about "my blog". I was very irritated by the time it asked me to name it, so I called it "I'm Not Blogging, Ya Dunderhead!"

This is also what the URL is "noticethelackofblog". You've probably noticed there's now a distinct lack of a lack of a blog.

Purple Cow said...

Hahaha, you're so funny!

Thanks for the clarification. Truth is, it does seem like a blog to me but I thought that maybe that was just my perception.