Thursday, February 04, 2010

"Everything's Up To Date In Kansas City," My A**!

I walked two miles this morning. I was urged to only walk 1 to 1.5, but my brain refuses to walk unless there's a place to walk to. The closest thing I could think of was a nearby grocery store--or the closest thing that would be open at 5:30 (or 6:00, as it turned out) in the morning. It's a mile away from my house.

So, despite the fact it might be better to just walk around my neighborhood with no "halfway goal" in sight, I just can't do it. I walked up to Vivion, and walked down one side of it or the other until I got to the grocery store.

There's a sidewalk (of sorts) on Vivion. Both sides have a sort of asphalt approximation of a regular sidewalk. There weren't any major trip-up spots, unlike my old walking route in the Westport area, so that was nice. But once I get close to businesses, this sidewalk first became a "regular sidewalk," and then... disappeared.

Suddenly, there was just grass... and a freakin' bush. So for about five seconds I have to walk in the street, then go back to walking in grass. Fortunately, this is soon replaced with large rocks serving as a sort of giant gravel alternative.

If you ever find yourself north of the river in K.C. and singing "Everything's Up to Date in Kansas City," just stop by the intersection of Vivion and Chouteau and try to find a proper walking surface by the freakin' crosswalk!

My plan is to walk on days of the week that begin with an "S" or a "T". Let's see if I get 'er done on Saturday, eh?

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Emily said...

I like your blog. your funny as all get out