Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Counterpoint: The Prospect Of Future Despair

Okay, fans and followers, sorry about that. I'll try to explain and then be my regular hiLARious self...

The nemesis of the Hope of Future Laughter is the Prospect of Future Despair. In my tired and weakened state (seriously, how many walking trips will it take before I start feeling good, already?) I made the mistake of looking into the future.

This is never a good thing--unless I'm looking forward to the day I can look back on my current hell and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Oh, sometimes it's good--if I'm looking forward to a visit, or one of my friends' kids graduation ceremony, etc., or that day I win Powerball and rule my little corner of my little universe...

But you get the idea. When I get super-tired, bad things happen--mainly to the happy-go-lucky lands in my head.

Also, I'm prone to crankiness due to this class I'm trying to keep up in... and failing to keep up in. So it goes.

Anyway, I was so tired I skipped my solo callback tonight. I had to get home. I want to be in bed sooner, rather than later. I have things to do tomorrow (for instance, this week's assignment is due by midnight, the budget stuff is due at school, and I have to finish grading a bunch of tests for progress reports going home on Thursday...) and I need to prepare for that tired.

The Prospect of Future Exhaustion. There's a new one!

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Robin said...

When I am really tired I either am completely "out there" and some people find it funny or just not able to be funny at all. More importantly, I am going to (in my own way) say back to you what you said to me: you should write you feel and not apologize for it. Some days you aren't going to be "that guy." That funny guy. But you'll still be you and you'll be keeping it real. And if you do that, your readers will come back for more.

On another note, I see that you are very busy right now based on all that you've got going on, but I would appreciate if you'd drop by and click "follow" on my blog so I don't look so pitiful on here. That's me keeping it real. Thanks!