Monday, February 08, 2010

Too Much Time Off My Hands

I have lots of thoughts about time right now--mostly thoughts about how I waste too much of it, even though it seems I have so little of it around to waste.

Also, I keep hoping a time machine will fall into my lap. Or near my lap, if it's a really big time machine.

I have often thought it would be great to be young again, but with the knowledge and what passes for wisdom in me that comes with some years out of junior high and high school. I've just always felt it would be nice to experience it again with an eye for what's important, which had little to do with what I thought was important the first time around.

Now I realize I'd be very lonely, because everyone around me would be worried about that not-important stuff, and plus, jacking with the timeline would mean I'd have to orchestrate meeting all the friends I have now, and who knows how that would go.

So maybe I wouldn't use the time machine to try to put my current mind in my junior high self. Maybe I'd just use it to stop time and try to get everything done that I need to get done--which would also be a lonely experience, unless I stopped team for other people as well... but eventually they'd want their other friends un-stopped, and so on, and then it's be just as easy to go ahead and let time run again.

Maybe I can spend the rest of my life inventing a time machine... and when I finally perfect it, I can go back in time and allow myself to do all the stuff I missed because I was too busy fretting about the past...

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Purple Cow said...

Hope you don't mind me sneak peaking into your blog... I think you have interesting things to say.

Personally, I think being mature and wise is overrated. Much better to be young, innocent and flippant and thinking about "frivolous" stuff. What a luxury! What I wouldn't give to erase all the hard earnt lessons life teaches.

Take care. Keep walking and blogging.