Sunday, September 09, 2007

I'm Just Gonna Tell It Here And Be Done With It

First, in case you haven't read the post below, walk fund-raising:

Ruth & Kathy, Breast Cancer: Here
Leigh, PKD: Here
Debbie, Alzheimers: Here

And no comments asking when I'm going to participate in a walk. It ain't gonna happen until I first am able to walk a mile in another person's body.

So I have this dream to recount, and I can't figure out who to recount it to... as it's the sort of dream that might inspire people to feel they need to comment or say something of comfort or otherwise voice something that feels somewhat obligatory.

Thus, I've opted to just share it here, to get the sharing part out of my system, and then go take a nap.

Last night I dreamt that through some plot device now lost to the dreamer, I'd travelled back in time some vague-yet-small amount. Somewhere around ten years or so, I guess.

Anyway, I was in the middle of whatever it was I was supposed to be doing when I suddenly realized that Patsy was alive and in her right mind, and I could go see her again.

So, I pick up the mobile phone--which I think some lucid part of me realized shouldn't work, as it was the past and the phone number hadn't been activated... and might not have even worked if it had been--and I called Mom.

She didn't know it was me from the future, and I just asked her if she was going to be home for a while so I could come visit.

On the way to the house (I don't know where I started... it seemed to be some mix of Center, Kansas City, and maybe some Los Angeles in there), I ran into all kinds of difficulties. At one point I had to climb up onto an overpass, only to find the overpass had flooded, and for reasons not made clear to my lucid brain, I had to avoid the water. So I was jumping from car to car, eventually climbing on top of what I believed to be a train, even though it makes no sense having a train on the highway.

In the course of all this, I got on the phone again, and somehow I was jostled and the phone hit my chin and a piece of it broke off.

This is the strange part.

Okay, one of the stranger strange parts.

My lucid brain, which was apparently less lucid than it should be, as it was buying into this dream, thought "If I wake up and my phone is broken, I'll know I really went back in time, and this was God giving me a chance to see Mom one more time, as she was."

So much for "lucid", right?

So I got to the house (this happened off-camera... I just suddenly was there, and I don't even remember if it was the old house or the current one), and there was Patsy. I made such a noise of joy/grief/anguish/jubilation that I am 100% positive I actually made that noise out loud in my sleep. (To clarify, the grief/anguish parts of the noise were coming from the lucid brain in me.)

And that noise, I think, is what woke me up.

I didn't check my phone, because lucid brain was having nothing to do with that, instead just clearing it's throat and making tut-tut noises while not making eye-contact with any other part of my brain.

Okay, I'm off to nap...