Saturday, September 08, 2007

Where Have You Been?

Don't ask!

Okay, the short version is: Pre-Algebra Curriculum. Although that isn't an answer to the posted question, it explains why I've been so computer-shy these last... um... 50 days or so.

Every time I'd sit down to do ANYTHING at the computer, I'd be reminded that this curriculum mess isn't fixed yet.

As for the mess, seriously, don't ask. We can leave it at "It's done now" and move on. I will say that it got so bad that when I finished Thursday night/Friday morning at 12:15, I seriously considered going out for a drink or ten.

Anyway, on top of the "not posting" mess, I'm also having a "what the heck is going on with my e-mail mess", which involves me not being able to successfully send e-mails abou 95% of the time.

So, after this, I'm going to pop over to a blog or two to explain that this explanation is here, and them I'm going to go out for a drink or ten. I kid. I'm actually going to... I don't know what I'm going to do.

My website is updated to July, finally. I hope to update it to August sometime mid-week, and finally be in September next weekend.

Oh, the poem is posted, and the results from the 2nd poll are as follows:

People who have known me for less than a year: 0/7 (0%)
People who have known me a year or over, but less than five years: 1/7 (14%)
People who have known me over five years, but less than twenty years: 2/7 (28%)
People who have known me twenty or more years: 4/7 (28%)
People who don't know me: 0/7 (0%)

The lesson here is that only seven people who read this thing take part in the polls... and that's assuming somebody didn't take the poll more than once.

Anyway, the poll should be changed now (unless you read this in the five minutes after I post it... in which case, come back in ten minutes).

I have thoughts to post which I will post later. And news to post which I will post later.


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