Saturday, March 06, 2010

I may as well confess now: I've fallen off the walking wagon... or I've climbed on it. I don't know. I get confused about the wagon and what it means. I mean, I know if you fall off the wagon, you've started drinking again--which makes very little sense, because you'd have more balance and ability to stay on a wagon if you weren't drinking, but that's neither here nor there...

Since falling off the wagon implies something "bad", I think it'd be best to say I've fallen off the walking wagon... but being on the wagon seems to imply and absence of doing something.

Whatever. I need more people nagging me on facebook about the walking thing. Only my aunt Rachel has asked anything (and I avoided answering her, as I was convinced I'd get back on a regular schedule very soon).

I have no excuse except that the first time I missed I had a good excuse... and I think Terry Pratchett's character Sam Vimes puts it best in Thud! when he thinks, "Once you had a good excuse, you opened the door to bad excuses."

Anyway, whatever, I'm picking back up regularly tomorrow. There, I've typed it, so it must happen.

Barring, you know, alien attacks and whatnot.

Anyway, I've had a very full day, and should be in bed by now. I hope you're all having a wonderful time, and may the wind always be at your back, unless you're wanting to go slower. Or something.


Robin said...

Looking up videos on youtube doesn't count as a good excuse not to walk, just so you know.

Purple Cow said...

I don't think you can be "on" the wagon and "walk" at the same that you are "of" the wagon you will either have to stay put or walk.

A good excuse definitely does open up the door to bad ones. I hope this will never happen to your blogging.

Take care.

Anonymous said...