Wednesday, March 03, 2010

When Buddy Welcomed Killian Home

Hey, sorry I haven't been writing for a while. Mostly I'm sorry to me, because I think there's about 28 of you following this via whatever BlogSpot uses, and another 30 or so via facebook, and of those, I don't know that "follow" is an appropriate word. Maybe more like, "occasionally have time to read". And it's cool. I ain't hatin'. I'm just saying I'm mostly sorry to me because I'm trying to get into the habit of writing for fun more, as I've gotten out of that habit at some point over the past 25 years or so.

Anyway, I'm writing. And be warned: this is going to be one of those long blathering posts that many of you... may or may not have read in the past and may or may not have hated.

We got Dane moved on Saturday. Cody and I drove to Ben & Tricia's around 9:00 or so to borrow Ben's truck. I'd forgotten to remind Ben I needed to borrow it, but it was all good when I got him called on the way there. He and Tricia were out, but the truck was at the house.

Cody went in the house first, as I was throwing something away, and when I got in, I saw Killian and was thankful that Killian has a good memory and had met Cody before. However, I didn't see Guinness anywhere. Like an idiot, I searched all over the house and out back, worried they'd accidentally left him outside before they went out. I asked Killian a couple of times where Guinness was, but his hearing has been a thing of the past for a while, so he basically ignored me. Also: dog.

When I first started hanging out with Ben & Tricia here in KC, the only dog they had was Buddy (or Bud Light, as all the dogs are named after alcoholic beverages... a funny tradition that I'd like to carry on with my pets, but I'd use condom brand names or something). I don't know what Buddy was. I would try to describe him to people who knew breeds, but never got the right answer. It's easier to just hope Tricia will post it on here as a comment. He was a little white furry thing with a missing paw. He was one of those little dogs who behaves as if he's a big dog.

I'm not a pet person, really. The allergy thing doesn't help. Also, the fact Patsy was all done with pets and all the fun that went with them by the time I was born (something Sara somehow got around, as I recall) meant that my main pet experience was via Shawn Couch and his dog, Cocoa.

Let us pause for a moment while I remember Cocoa. I forgot how much I loved Cocoa until this very minute.

Also, I love cocoa, but I'm not going to make any right now.

While I'm not (sorta not) a pet person, I do love a puppy or a kitten. When Ben & Tricia first got Killian, he was this cute little puppy we never should have let sit on the furniture but did anyway. Golden lab, or something... but with red hair... so golden red Irish lab? I don't remember him barking with an Irish accent, but who knows?

My favorite (sort of) Killy moment was when Ben & Tricia both had to go out of town while I was (I think) staying at their house (this would be the first of many such times, I believe... that is to say I believe it was the first, not that I believe there were many such times, as I have experienced the other such times and can count like a troll: one, two, many, lots). When I came home from... maybe the airport... I can't remember now... whatever... when I came home Killy had ripped the hell out of the family room furniture in a fit of puppy rage at being left at home.

I was all like, "Ooooooooooooooh you are in sooooooooooooooooo much trouble when they get home!"


Killy had longer hair, so I think he sometimes caused my eyes to go a little red and irritated. But he was a big dog that didn't act like a big dog...

And my past tense is so giving away the plot, isn't it?

Turns out the last time I saw Killy was after I returned the truck to Ben & Tricia's Saturday afternoon. I don't even remember seeing him that time. I remember more asking him where Guinness was and him totally ignoring me because he couldn't hear a thing.

Sunday morning was bad for Killy, and Ben had to take him to the vet. I didn't know anything until I read Tricia's facebook saying it was a sad day. Before I could call to ask her why, she called me. Tears from her, wailing from the girls in the background... and me trying to process. And while she's talking to me, Ben called me. So once I got the plan for the burial and hung up with Tricia, I called Ben.

Ben told me more detail about the morning, and how it wasn't an easy decision, even though they would have had to have spent crazy dollars to keep him alive--and I guess that's a nice testimony to human nature: when the chips are down, money might be a factor, but it isn't the be-all and end-all... unless you're an insurance company, I guess.

So Killian went to sleep, and he was taken to the farm where Buddy was laid to rest several years ago.

The whole thing gave me an idea of writing a children's book about it, more about Killy the puppy running and running after having a dream about being old... and running into a field where his friend Buddy welcomed him home... and the adventures they have there.

I doubt I'll write it, unless someone is a great artist and would illustrate a one-off (or two-off, I guess, since there are two girls) copy for the girls. Think about it, artist types!

I know I have a great picture of the girls goofing around on the floor with Killy. Of course, I can't find the thing to save my life right now, and that's making me crazy. I'd love to be able to bring them each a copy of that picture on Sunday.

Killy (or Killybutt, as I more often called him) and I had a bond that I did my best to hide from Tricia. But she saw through it, just like she saw through my apparent distaste for Buddy (yeah, YOU try getting a baby-near-toddler Olivia to say good-bye to Buddy before he's going off to be put to sleep without tearing up a lot). Killy was a very huggable dog. And he didn't care what time you got up, as long as you let him go out before you went to bed at 4:00 in the morning.

Killybutt will be missed, and I'll be one of the main missers. I freely admit it.

Now dog-owners, go hug your dog.


Robin said...

Owning a dog is always a double edged sword. You love them like a child. And that sounds a little crazy, but they are like a family member. And you get them knowing that you will very likely outlive them. So you know that you are setting yourself up for a big heartbreak, especially if you've done it before. But if you love dogs you can't keep yourself from doing it again.

And I know that you know what I am talking about because I think I've just read the longest blog you've written. It was about the death of a dog that wasn't even yours. And I bet you cried. And I am fighting my own tear ducts and I haven't even met Killy.

Purple Cow said...

You've been missed...sorry I couldn't make it through this whole post - toooooooo long I only do the blog/FB thing between coffee breaks at work so its fast-track blogging for me.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks for teaching me how to make 3^07 in one of your older posts. It has come in really handy and I used it in latest my post.

Coffee break over! Done! Bye...

Hi to you Robin from here much fun that we can pop in on other blogs too isn't it!

toppogigio said...

Thanks for sharing Killy with us. A tough story to tell, but one that you needed to tell for your own sake, I'm sure.

Our four-legged fur-kids do worm their way into our hearts and seem to make themselves at home there, don't they? Even if the dog (or cat) isn't yours, there's a connection if you've spent any time at all with them. While it's sad to have to let a good friend go, sometimes sending them on to the Rainbow Bridge is the best choice, the kindest and most loving....but certainly not the easiest.

For your friends and their children, and even yourself, check out this website... If nothing else, it's a way to offer some comfort and reassurance to the kids.

When the time is right, Killy will tell his family that a new dog is waiting for a home with them. Maybe Killy will tell you the same thing.


W.C.Camp said...

Naming animals after Beer brands - I LOVE IT! Wish I had only thought of it first. I'll be sure to tell my son "Yuengling" - he loves both beer and dogs (but not in the same meal)! W.C.Camp