Monday, March 08, 2010

Why I Should Not Be Allowed To Own Sharp Objects

I only wish I was lying about this.

I have cut myself again. And I'm not even goth. What's that about?

So, last night I broiled up some red meat for dinner... a late dinner, but dinner. As I was carrying my plate and utensils (utensils resting on the plate, mind you, a bad choice about which I have now learned my lesson) from the cooking area to the dining area, the steak knife started to fall.

My brain decided since something was falling, I had to catch it.

The knife, falling blade first, went into my thumb and kinda "bounced" out.

Remember how last time I said blood was everywhere or whatever? This time it really was. I thought I was gonna have a full-on freak-out.

About the time I was thinking maybe a trip to the emergency room was in order, I realized the bleeding had... well, not stopped, but seemed to have every intention of considering the possibility of stopping sometime before bedtime.

So then I got to clean up blood from all over the place, which is good practice should I decide to slaughter my own cattle.

On the up side, this has made me go see a doctor, which means it has made me finally make a decision about which doctor suggestion from co-workers would be the best one.

I've got a good feeling about this doctor. He may be the one. I didn't ask, but he appears to be younger than me--so, odds are, I won't have to doctor-shop again until after I'm dead.

Anyway, I just wanted to share, in case you were wondering why it looked like all my spaces were typed by my right hand.


BeDoubleYou said...

"And I'm not even Goth" gave me a big old chuckle. If I'd have known you were in the market for a doctor I'd have referred you to mine. He appreciates my sense of humor so I'm sure he'd go for yours. And plus, I felt guilty for leaving him and this way I could have balanced out the numbers by giving him you. But he did always hit me if I didn't do what he said and I doubt that's on your checklist.

Propoquerian said...

okay, i gotta ask, has anyone ever told you you are quite a character? I know you're just completely honest on here and spill out your thoughts but...they are funny thoughts! i mean in a charming way though--like we really get a sense of you. i've enjoyed following your blog!

Joy DeTete said...

hehe I hate doctor shopping. I have had the same one since birth and now have moved 2000km away from him.
Life is sad.

Anonymous said...