Thursday, January 03, 2008

House- (and Dog-) Sitting Again

I'm off house- and d0g-sitting again tonight. So feel free to stop by my house and steal lots of stuff--just be sure to steal that drain clog, while you're at it.

I kid. ONLY steal the drain clog.

Nothing new to report here. I'm tired, and will be going to bed soon. Today was a good day at school (which is to say no major trauma or unexpected policy changes, etc.).

There are so many crazy things going on that I'd love to type about, but I'm actually going to choose discretion and self-censorship for once, and close my eyes and hope it all just goes away.

In a related story, keep an eye out for my new one-man show in a clock-tower near you.

I kid, again.

So, good day, kids are back and I'm happy to see them again, and tomorrow is Friday! Life contains stress, but this is not news to anyone over the age of... birth.

Oh, and if you called me today, I didn't return your call because I left my phone at home and picked it up on my way here, then forgot to check messages until a few minutes ago.

That is all.

Happy 3rd to you!

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