Tuesday, February 15, 2011

And My Post-Timequake Apathy Returns...

So there's this.

That just makes a person proud to be in education. It in no way makes me want to just stop making any decisions at all and give up--well, it does, but only in every possible way.

This recent bout of P.T.A. makes me want to re-read Timequake. It helped me realize I was sick, but now I'm better, and there's work to be done.

It's easy to forget when every day you struggle with large numbers of students behind on the most basic of basic educational must-haves, and worse yet no desire or their part to want to actually do anything about it.

Seriously, I cannot spend twelve more years like this if I give up my P.T.A. for good!

So I need to either find my copy, if I still have it (stupid fire), or buy another copy and re-read it. It's probably my favorite Vonnegut book, and I miss it. It makes me laugh.

If you're wanting to get me a late birthday gift, or late Valentine's Day gift to apologize for not loving me enough, or an early Pi Day gift, get me a copy of Timequake, okay?

And now, in an effort to make my P.T.A. go away, here's this.

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