Thursday, February 03, 2011

Two Very Recent Deaths

Two very recent deaths have hit me hard.

One just up and died in the middle of the street on the way home. The other was walking over to enjoy a final view of the ocean at his loved one's grave.

They were my Sims, and I cannot get over their loss.

Well, actually, I got over them very quickly... but less quickly than I thought I would. It was a few minutes, at least. The one that died in the street came as a total shock. I thought I had days left in "game time", but apparently not. Apparently there was a little moodlet or whatever to tell me death was on the way, but I totally missed it.

But Rick got to prepare. Moved to a lighthouse, had the grave set up by a bench so he could sit and watch the ocean next to the love of his life... which was how he was going to die, but then I remembered if he went and did that study at the whatever instituted, he'd get like $2000, and it'd be nice to go with cash, right?

So as he was coming back from the study, I realized he hadn't even gone up to the top of the lighthouse... so of course I had to have him check out the view. He could see the grave form there. It was nice.

By the time he got back to the ground floor, it was already too late, but Rick and I both had no way of knowing (well, maybe Rick knew, but he wasn't talking... and even if he did, it would ball all like "Sah gah dah" and so forth). As he was running to the grave, almost to the bench, Death appeared. End of story.

In lieu of cards and flowers and whatnot, I request that donations be made to the "Send Mark Money to Distract Him From His SIM Grief" Fund. Make checks payable to Mark Riggs.

Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Or the "Send stamps to your brother so he can send the s**t you ask to be sent" fund