Monday, February 07, 2011

New Thoughts on an Old Photo, #1

So this is me, at a very young age. I may have seen this photo at some other time in my past, but as far as my brain is concerned, I saw it for the first time about a month or two ago.

I'm wearing Say's glasses. I'm pretty sure I'm wearing her shirt, too. It's a Center Lion's Club shirt. It's okay if you don't know what that is. It helps if you know I grew up in the town of Center, Missouri.

That's our driveway behind me. It was dirt/gravel my entire life up until the new house was built. The part that freaked me out was seeing the street in front of our house used to be gravel. I have a picture of me on that same street showing off my mad pogo-stick skills, and it's asphalt at that time. Somewhere in there: progress.

There's a house missing behind my head. I remember when it was built a few years after this photo was taken. I remember the house you can see behind my head. A friend lived there. I can't remember a name... actually, I think two friends lived there (not at the same time). I can't remember either of their names. I remember stories involving them. Events and whatnot. One involves and Easy-Bake Oven.

Back to the photo, the only memories I have from this time exist in the form of my love for my older sister. Ignoring the glasses, I look in this photo how I've felt about her my entire life.

I need to ask Say when this picture was taken. I'd love to get a picture of me from around the time Uncle Hugh died. One of my earliest memories is going to see him on what was essentially his deathbed... and I can still remember holding my arm up high to hold the hand of the person standing next to me.

Okay, well, that ends this episode of New Thoughts on an Old Photo. Maybe they'll be another one sometime. Maybe not. It's not like you can expect me to be consistent on this non-blog!

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