Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Line from a Dream

I woke up at 3:55 this morning with a sentence burning in my mind and just on the tip of my tongue, ready to come flying out of my mouth.

"The only s**t you don't care about that I'm going to waste my time on any more is me."

I don't know what I was dreaming about, or who I was about to say those words to, but my first thought was I had to write that sentence down. So it's on my fridge right now. I got out of bed, went to the kitchen, and wrote it on the dry erase board.

I thought it might be misinterpreted as my message to the world, so I put quotation marks around it to sort of imply that it's not something I'm saying myself, but more of a quote.

It's just I'm quoting my dream self, you see.

Anyway, I like the line. It's sorta country-music-y, and sorta angry, and way self-deprecating. I just like it. I think I might get it on a t-shirt.

I just have no idea who I could say it to. Maybe I should make a list. It'll either be very short or very long. I haven't worked out which.

I've thought about it off and on all day (I couldn't get back to sleep after that, so I never did get to see who I was talking to, or say it to that person), and have not been able to recall anything from any dream last night.

I guess I hope it was a fun dream up until that point. Seems unlikely, but I can hope, right?

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