Tuesday, February 01, 2011

How Can I Say This Without It Sounding Like It's Coming From A Dark, Dark Place?

There are days when I wish I could just move far, far away from all human beings and never have any contact with them ever again.

Yeah, there's no way to lighten that up, really. I mean, you can lighten it up, but it no longer conveys the general frustration and perplexedificationness I often feel when dealing with human beings.

For years this was a fantasy of mine. They actually stole the mental image from me to use at the end of the movie Minority Report. Cabin, mountain, snow, nobody around. You get the idea. (As I've told a couple of people over the past few days, someone also stole those insect things from The Dark Crystal from a fever dream I had as a kid. Note to self: write blog entry about how Hollywood is stealing things from my mind, and has been for years!)

Now I've matured just enough to have to admit to myself I'd miss an awful lot of people. I really would. But for moments like this one, where I just hate having to pick through the pieces of evidence to try to figure out just what exactly is going through someone's head and how I can... I don't know, make it better... or at least not make it worse... or at least just duck and cover.

People, generally speaking, are awful. A person, sitting and speaking with you, hanging out, being cool and whatnot... well that's great. Like I said a few days ago--Hell is other people, and so is Heaven.

But there are days when you just get tired of trying to figure people out. I mean, there are for me, anyway. Really there have been whole months like that for me... but as I've gotten older, it has been whittled down to days.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure there are gazillions of people... or at least twenty... who are tired of trying to figure me out as well. I'm not saying I'm Mr. Open Book and all. I try to write this blog as a sort of instruction manual, but I keep getting distracted.

I kid.

Anyway, that's where I am right now. In just a bit over 24 hours, I've gone from feeling great about how I'm not able to figure people out to feeling downright crappy about it.

I blame the blizzard. And my brain.

But more the blizzard.

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